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Nowadays, it is more effective to use technology in things. Using the internet also helps in finding your needs. If you are looking for a file hosting service that has features that can assist you with what you like, this is the best answer. Furthermore, if you are also looking for cloud storage that can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime using a device with the internet, it is better to use Novafile.

In this article, we will talk about Novafile. You will know the features and benefits that you can obtain by just using it. Let’s get started!

About Novafile

Novafile is a file hosting provider that aims to aid support to anyone who needs secure storage. Novafile has many great features that help users in storing documents. You can upload, download or share files here with your family, friends, colleagues, and others. Also, Novafile has a simple design in its platform, so anyone will be able to understand how to utilize it instantly. Novafile offers a free version to help more. Novafile also offers a Premium version with different plans depending on what you want to experience. You will not regret using Novafile because there are many advantages to Novafile. 

Why use Novafile?

Aside from features such as large storage capacity, or fast speed provided by Novafile, there is much more. Some examples of the helpful advantage that Novafile has are the simple user interface and real security of documents. Below are some of these features.

User Interface

Novafile simplifies the interface of their website so that all users can easily manage it. There is no need to bump the layout for, all it takes is simple and smooth. Their platform is user-friendly so as not to confuse Novafile users.

Free Version

Novafile provides a Free version of its platform. It has fewer features than the Premium Version. Also, there are advertisements and captcha questions here to continue providing a free version.

Support Management

If you have any suggestions or would like to know more about Novafile, please send a message to the email address listed on the Novafile website. The support team will also respond to your message shortly.

Secured and Protected

When it comes to privacy in Novafile, this platform is truly reliable. There are encryption tools such as SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) that help maintain the security of Novafile. It monitors all transactions here to prevent hackers and scams. Your documents and personal information stored on Novafile are part of Novafile’s responsibility, so it is completely secure.

Novafile Premium

Novafile offers a free version of their platform and also a Premium Version. With the use of a free account, only a small amount of storage is available. The Free account also has low speed, and some of the features are still limited. On the other hand, Novafile Premium is the opposite. With a premium account, you will experience more and more beautiful unlimited features. You will also have smooth and fast speed and process. With the purchase of Novafile Premium Plans, your day will be more productive because you will also have the advantage of downloading. Novafile allows parallel downloads.

If you want to buy a Premium account, select the plan and press your payment method. You can purchase it on the Novafile website itself or at their authorized resellers.

Novafile Premium Features

Downloading Process SpeedMaximumLow Lowest
Simultaneous DownloadAlways11
File sizeUnlimited400 MB400 MB
The capacity of server storage1000 MB50 GBNo
Time before startingInstantly30 s90 s
Captcha queries neededNoYesYes
Download acceleratorYesNoNo
Continuable DownloadsYesNoNo
Mobile app for freeYesNoNo
>> Go to Official Novafile website
  • Downloading Process Speed 

If you use a Novafile premium account, you will experience faster server speeds than a registered and free version. With the free version, it has an inadequate velocity because there are advertisements placed on it. There are also few tools used here, so the processes are slow.

  • Simultaneous Download

With Free and Registered, you can only download multiple files once at a time, but with the Premium account, you will always experience it because Novafile allows this feature.

  • File size

No matter how large the file size that premium users want to download is possible. For free and registered users, only up to 400 MB is allowed.

  • The capacity of server storage

Premium account users have 1000 GB, while Registered users have 50 GB. So it is suggested that if you need storage for your files, upgrade to Novafile premium or register an account to have it.

  • Time before starting

Your download process will start if you are a premium user instantly, but if you are a registered and free account user, you will have a few seconds to wait before the process starts.

  • Captcha queries needed

A captcha is required to determine if the user is a human or a computer robot. In the Novafile Premium account, there is no Captcha needed to answer.

  • Download accelerator

Novafile management allows premium users to have download-accelerator aid to have faster processor speed. Meanwhile, registered and free users cannot use that.

  • Continuable Downloads

Free and registered account users cannot pause their downloads, while Premium account users have a feature that can allow them to resume their downloads if they are interrupted.

  • Mobile app for free

Only Novafile Premium users will have a free mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google play store and Appstore.

Novafile Premium Plans and Payment Methods


Novafile Premium has plans that can be purchased. There are different plans from 30, 90, 180, and up to 365 days plan with different prices. When buying premium plans, you will not regret it because you will experience a better and more helpful account. Below are the payment choices you can use to purchase Novafile premium. These are well-known moreover truly reliable payment options.

  • Alipay
  • Bitcoin
  • MasterCard/VISA
  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Users can also purchase from Novafile resellers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Novafile?
  • Novafile is online cloud storage that helps users to have a reliable room of files. Novafile can be utilized to upload, download, and also share your documents with your families, friends, and others. Also, Novafile can be easily accessed whenever and wherever.
  • How can I be able to download files?
  • If you have notice files you want to download, follow this process. All you have to do is have a link that Novafile provides to the uploaders. Once this file has been opened, simply click on the “Create Download link.” If you are using a free account, you will have to wait a few seconds before processing it.
  • How can I upload files to the server?
  • Uploading files and documents to Novafile is not hard because the interface on it is easy to understand. You have to click upload file and then select the files you want to put in Novafile. You will be given a unique URL that you can use to delete or download that file.
  • What should I do when I forgot my login passcode?
  • When you forget your passcode on your account, it is easy to recover it. Click on “Forgot your Password” below. Then enter the requested email address and then press “Remind my Password.” Wait a few minutes, then the support team will message you at the email address you provided with your account username and password.
  • Is it possible to cancel the subscription in Novafile?
  • If you wish to cancel your purchase on Novafile, please contact the Novafile website support team and enter the “Cancel Subscription” subject in the message.
  • Is Novafile safe to use?
  • Novafile is a trusted file hosting provider. It is safe to use because this platform, first of all, is not a scam. There are encryption tools used on this platform that helps to maintain the security of the data and documents.


Generally, Novafile is a cloud storage provider that anyone can use to download any files, upload documents, and share them with acquaintances. Novafile truly aims to help anyone who wants to have better online cloud storage. Novafile is one of the best and most reliable file storage services because of the priorities they make. One of their priorities is the security of all documents and personal data in the user’s account. Novafile also provides great features that they can provide to their users because they deserve it. The main priority of Novafile is its users.

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